We provide background checks on people and companies.

    The basis for our research is open source intelligence (OSINT).

    AC Assets Control continuously develops new OSINT sources

    Our numerous sources, to which we constantly add and which we continually monitor, include a vast array of worldwide commercial registers, litigation files, financial records, judgments, liens, corporate publications and filings, bankruptcy proceedings, media press reports, posts and entries on social media, and many more.

    AC Assets Control also searches the deep web and the dark web

    We include fee-based databases in our background checks. We also search in the Deep Web and the Dark Web, the part of the Internet intentionally hidden from view. This requires a conscientious monitoring of important publications or leaks on the Internet. These approaches may be necessary when we need to tap closed discussion groups or preserve a leak as evidence.

    We analyze people, their networks, companies and their connections for you.

    Reliable information is a competitive advantage

    With Integrity Checks from AC Assets Control, customers can review their public reputation or obtain reliable information about competitors and counterparties. We also offer in-depth, tailored pre-employment checks as part of filling security sensitive positions or recruiting key personnel in order to better assess the risk profile of applicants.

    Background checks of the entire value chain are also becoming increasingly relevant: an evaluation of contractors, suppliers and consultants for possible legal and compliance risks has acquired political and economic weight.

    We deliver findings that can be used in court

    Detailed audits are essential in order to comply with regulations to combat money laundering and white-collar crime; these audits are not confined to the financial sector.
    This involves, for example, extended due diligence checks to verify customer identity (“Know Your Customer”), the beneficial owner, and the origin of assets.

    The AC Assets Control team therefore includes several former investigative journalists who have a wealth of experience in checking all available sources for credibility and reliability. This is why we at AC Assets Control can ensure that our checks always contain verified information that can be used in court.

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