Our investigations are designed to be efficient, discreet and cost-effective.

    Using eDiscovery, financial data analysis, a review of e-mail traffic and interviews, we help clarify unresolved questions and provide a complete chain of evidence in order to protect your business and reputation.

    AC Assets Control quickly clarifies suspicious or questionable situations

    AC Assets Control quickly clarifies suspicious or questionable situations whether it be fraud, corruption or money laundering. At the same time, AC Assets Control uncovers gaps in internal controls.

    We do not work from a template, but offer tailored solutions. We always act professionally, and with utmost discretion, be it in internal interviews, on-site evidence gathering, or eDiscovery.

    We offer tailored levels
    of investigation

    AC Assets Control offers the full range of investigation depths to protect your client interests: From an initial risk assessment to ongoing compliance monitoring as part of anti-corruption measures.

    The spectrum of our investigation fields ranges from investigating whistleblowing claims, money laundering violations, breaches of due diligence, to insider trading, price fixing or transactions with related parties. 

    We conduct internal investigations and fact checking for you.

    We present complex data in a clear format and help visualize connections

    AC Assets Control draws upon an experienced, multidisciplinary team of auditors, open source investigators, computer forensic experts, former law enforcement officers, and certified experts in white-collar crime.

    Our experts use state-of-the-art eDiscovery tools to analyze and process complex data and relationships. AC Assets Control uses forensic software tools and data analytics to quickly and efficiently gain insight into fraudulent activity.

    We deliver reports that
    are fit for court

    AC Assets Control’s reports are designed to be used in court to clarify allegations of fraud and internal misconduct, as well as in investigations into bribery, corruption and money laundering. They are also used in mergers and acquisitions, challenges to corporate control, or other business law disputes or compliance proceedings. 

    Renowned law firms rely on our research.

    AC Assets Control pairs eDiscovery with open source intelligence (OSINT)

    We combine methods from two investigative disciplines: On the one hand, forensic accounting and data analysis, on the other hand, open source intelligence (OSINT). The combination of both disciplines helps us deliver valuable research results faster and efficiently. Dedicated experts of each discipline are involved in the joint research effort. In addition, we implement Nuix, an analytics and intelligence software used to gain insights from unstructured data.

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