We support leading law firms and their clientele with our know-how.

    Whether asset tracing, research on counterparties, or forensic accounting, we provide facts and insights using state-of-the-art analysis tools.

    AC Assets Control is the address for litigation support
    in Switzerland

    Complex legal cases are our métier. AC Assets Control investigates cases of fraud and misconduct of individuals and companies – before, during and after initiation of legal proceedings. Our services range from e-mail reviews, asset tracing and research on counterparties, to eDiscovery. We also analyze financial data with our forensic accounting experts.

    Evidence makes the difference. We support you and your clients in legal disputes with fact-based insights and analysis.

    We offer tailored investigations

    We provide reliable findings and analyses for the management of legal disputes. To this end, we delve into documents, follow electronic trails, identify critical data, locate assets, and conduct interviews. We build upon our in-depth know-how in open source intelligence (OSINT), eDiscovery, and use the information gleaned from internal investigations. We do not work from a template, but offer tailored solutions.

    Our litigation support services include:

    Due diligence

    Using extensive research with Open Sources, AC Assets Control analyzes reputation, background, relationships and assets of parties to proceedings, other involved parties or witnesses. Only those who really know their counterparties and their motives are successful in a dispute.

    Asset tracing and

    We search for embezzled or misappropriated assets, doing everything in our power to recover them. Our many years of experience with complex trust and ownership structures in various offshore jurisdictions contribute to our success.


    AC Assets Control examines a company’s accounts and business records looking for irregularities and false entries. Using specialized software we detect conspicuous patterns; we search for fraud and balance sheet falsifications. This trail of evidence allows us to help build a court relevant case for our clients.

    Data discovery and
    financial analysis

    To support the process, we secure and analyze digital evidence in a forensically compliant manner: Be it e-mails, telephone records, ERP systems, transaction records, or activities in social networks. Using state-of-the-art tools, we prepare facts for clients and offer assessments regarding complex legal issues. In cases of suspected accounting fraud we offer forensic auditing.

    AC Asset Controls pairs eDiscovery with open source intelligence (OSINT)

    We combine methods from two investigative disciplines: On the one hand, Forensic Accounting and Data Analysis, on the other hand OSINT. The combination of both disciplines helps us deliver valuable research results faster and efficiently. Dedicated experts of each discipline are involved in the joint research effort. In addition, we implement Nuix, an analytics and intelligence software used to gain insights from unstructured data.

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