We assist you in the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

    AC Assets Control performs efficient risk analysis along your entire value chain.

    AC Supply Chain Control Services

    We support your compliance department: We use our risk intelligence platform to check your value chain and supply chain data.

    This approach leads to an efficient use of resources, as we automatically can weight your value chain data according to specific ESG risks.

    Those suppliers, distributors or resellers that have an elevated risk  are examined in greater depth by our senior research team.

    In-depth ESG Risk Analysis

    In doing so, our researchers draw on a data pool that is unique in the intelligence industry.

    This enables us to conduct deep-dive analyses according to specific ESG risk issues like human rights abuse or environmental contamination.

    This results in CSDD-compliant risk analyses for your company, giving you the assurance of sustainable, compliant and reputable business practices.

    «We carry out in-depth risk analyses, as required by the CSDD Directive.»

    Beyond «soft law»: ESG is now a legal obligation.

    It’s not just about reporting standards. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive obliges companies under threat of punishment to ensure human rights and environmental standards along their value chains.

    Environmental and human rights-related risks must be identified and minimized accordingly, and critical business relationships must be terminated if necessary. In critical cases, ESG Forensics is necessary.

    Companies, operating in the EU, will bear full ESG responsibility for their products, both in procurement and production, as well as in distribution and sales.

    Specifically, companies have a duty of care to ensure that no human rights abuses or environmental violations occur in their vendor or distributor relationships.

    Risk triage of your supplier base needs third party support.

    The CSDDD requires companies to check their value chain:

    • Identify adverse human rights and environmental impacts in operations, subsidiaries, and value chains.
    • Prevent or mitigate any adverse impacts if identified.
    • Account for due diligence efforts on a regular basis.
    • Cooperate with public authorities in the event of an investigation.

    This value chain check is time consuming and can only be managed seriously and sustainably by experienced compliance officers with third party support like ours.

    Our ESG risk intelligence platform matches automatically your customer data with specific ESG risk factors such as forced labour regions or environmental impact.

    Renowned companies rely on our expertise in ESG intelligence and risk analysis as required by the CSDD Directive.

    Our senior analysts understand the hidden risks on your supply chain.

    AC Assets Control employs a team of highly specialized senior analysts. They understand the specific ESG issues, for instance in the area of problematic commodity industries and certain high-risk world areas.

    Our senior analysts can assess the political and economic conditions of  risky supplier countries. They know industry-specific supplier structures and their issues in terms of human rights and environmental violations.

    Our analysts draw on decades of research and field experience in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    We combine automated risk mapping with in-depth senior researcher knowledge.

    The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive is clear-cut:

    • Companies that fail to comply with the CSDDD could be fined.
    • Companies could be issued with compliance orders.
    • Companies could be excluded from public procurement contracts.
    • Individuals and organizations that have been harmed by a company’s failure to comply with the CSDDD could sue the company for damages. Managing directors, in-house lawyers, ESG managers or human rights officers are responsible.

    AC Assets Control combines automated risk mapping with in-depth senior researcher knowledge to screen our clients’ value chains for ESG risks. The result is risk analysis that stands up to extensive scrutiny.

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    The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive sets strict standards and places high demands on ESG managers. It confronts companies with unimagined questions.

    The catalogue of tasks is far-reaching and cannot be fulfilled without external analyst support and data sources. Simple ticking-the-box solutions are no longer sufficient. What is needed is serious research and well-founded risk reports. 

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